A tool connecting travelers with extraordinary yacht and sail experiences, with environmental NGOs getting support along the way.

Yacht and sailing adventures represent one of the fastest growing categories in travel. In fact, it's forecasted that by 2020, $51 billion will be spent on seafaring and everything that accompanies it. An avid kite-surfer and world traveler, Giovanni Alessi Anghini looked at the industry and found a lack of innovation, awareness and uniformity when it came to booking. To combat this (and the extreme legwork it comes when searching for a charter service) he founded Nowboat, an all-in-one platform for discovering and booking adventures at sea—all with an impactful, environmental surprise. Anghini has spent years building a system through which vendors can apply—vetting them, and then connecting them with consumers. Tangentially, he's opened his doors to NGOs who receive a share of the profit. Nobody has done what Anghini is doing (in this category) and by thinking 10, 15 or 20 years ahead, he believes through customer service he can build a loyal clientele and ultimately impact the earth. "We now work with more than 300 charter agencies," Anghini explains to CH. "We offer more than 1000 adventures around the world. 900 more operators have registered on Nowboat who are being vetted—a process that includes checking insurance, how contracts are handled, and listings. The number of adventures they will have to offer in the coming months is huge." To best understand what Nowboat delivers, one can easily look at the interests of Anghini himself, as he explains how he has adventured in the past. “If you want to kite-surf in Indonesia or dive in Greece, you go to Google and search those key terms. Basically, you end up with dozens of websites, from both small and medium-sized charter agencies. You have to browse all of them. Get in contact with all of them. After they send all the offers, you have to regroup and start comparing, finally choosing the right one." Nowboat's platform does all of that through one easy, intuitive search. Users can further indicate budgets and get adventures that match.

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