A new all-in-one digital platform brings people and boats together.

Hey there, sailor… We’ve all been there, sitting on the shore watching sailboats skim across the sea, ogling at yachts destined for unnamed beaches, and jonesing to be onboard amid the action (or escape).

Thankfully, turning that delightful daydream into reality has gotten infinitely easier. Now you can hop aboard a boat in Campania, for instance, and drift to Capri, cruise the Amalfi Coast (instead of hiking) or go almost anywhere there’s water. Nowboat, described as an all-in-one digital seafaring platform, has made it easier for adventurers and professional boat operators to connect safely and easily. Created by kite surfer Giovanni Alessi Anghini, the company easily invites comparison to tech disrupters, but he dispels such notions saying: “… we we built Nowboat as a commitment to support the existing business system of seafaring operators, adventurers and NGOs by including them in the equation—a need in this particular industry.” Use the new Ask a Porter function to customize an excursion Water-bound travellers find and book their trip online or through Nowboat’s platform and use the new Ask a Porter function to customize an excursion based on their level of lust for adventure or relaxation, time and budget. Operators are availed the use of business tools, which allow them to offer bespoke excursions like snorkelling Phuket’s west coast on a longtail boat. No excuses: It’s time to get off the shore and hit the water.

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