Tiny but stunning, Mykonos has everything you wish for a memorable holiday at sea. Incredible landscapes, cute villages, crazy nightlife and enchanting beaches. The rocky hills of Mykonos were the perfect settings for many Greek mythological legends, including Hercules fighting the Giants and throwing them in the sea which then formed the archipelago. 

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People of Mykonos

The great hospitality and open attitude of the island's population have largely contributed to Mykonos warm and friendly fame. For decades, people from all over the world have come to Mykonos to breathe in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the stunning sights that this island has to offer. To be completely honest, a holiday to Mykonos isn't complete if you don't try at least to engage with some locals and ask them for secret recipes, hidden bays and maybe even some traditional legends from ancient Greece. 
In Mykonos, there is a population of 11,000 people, but during summer and peak seasons, there are about 50,000 holiday makers who come here to enjoy the easy-going, laid-back and party lifestyle. 


Best Beaches in Mykonos

There are 25 beaches in Mykonos, which is quite a lot considering the island’s small size. All of them are stunning with golden sand and crystal-clear blue water. During the summer they can be quite overcrowded and that's why having your own charter in Mykonos or booking a cruise from Mykonos is the only way to get around undisturbed and have your own little slice of paradise with your friends and family. Aboard your Mykonos yacht charter, make sure to explore our favourite beaches: Paradise and Super Paradise are the best known for partygoers, families should head to Livadi or Elia, while Kapari and Agios Sostios are great options for those looking for a romantic, secluded atmosphere. All have soft golden sand and incredibly blue water which is perfect for snorkelling and swimming.


This tiny island, 2 km away from Mykonos is one of the country’s most known archaeological site. Thanks to the huge amount of ancient sites and historical importance, the entire island has been declared a national museum.

Arteministis Lighthouse 

This gorgeous lighthouse was built in 1891 on the northwestern tip of Mykonos and today, at 62fr height, it offers one of the most incredible views in Greece, overlooking the straight separating Tinos Island from Mykonos. 

Windmills of Alefkandra 

The windmills of Alefkandra are Mykonos' landmark since the 16th century and a symbol of the wheat and bread production on the island. They are easy to reach sight in Chora (or Mykonos Town). 

Little Venice in Mykonos

After your breakfast aboard your sailing yacht in Mykonos, head to the island early in the morning when the party crowds have just gone to bed and enjoy the calm and empty, whitewashed streets of Mykonos. Make sure to stop for a strong, black Greek coffee in one of the many cafes in Little Venice and don't miss the Paraportiani Church. Built in 1475, this church, whose name means secondary door, lies near the main entrance of the harbour and is a must-see for its atypical architectural structure. 

Pleasures in Mykonos

Sailing in Mykonos

A Mykonos sailing holiday is the perfect solution for all those in search of adventure since there are lots of water sports available including diving, hiking, horse riding and swimming pools. Most of the activities and places are better reached if you have access to your yacht charter or you are sailing in Mykonos. There is also a huge variety of destinations that you can reach from Mykonos, so having the freedom of your own rented boat can be the best way. From here, you should totally head to Santorini, enjoy a cocktail aboard your yacht or jump on a sunset cruise or explore the rest of the Cyclades, all from the comfort of your rented boat. 

Snorkelling & Diving

With incredibly crystal blue waters and stunning seabeds, Mykonos is the par excellence destination for activities above and below the water. Snorkelling and diving are a must here and a trip to this beautiful island isn't complete without getting familiar with the diverse marine life and sea vegetation. If you're cruising or sailing, your crew will guide you to the best snorkelling spots in Mykonos where rock formations might prove true some of the ancient legends of this island.

No time to sleep in Mykonos

This is the island that never sleeps and here people come to enjoy themselves 24 hours a day, non-stop. Simply put, Mykonos is the best nightlife in Greece. In fact, clubs, bars and the music in Mykonos are other reasons why the island is one of the favourite destinations in Greece. Thanks to many entertainment venues, parties, famous DJs, clubs and bars, Mykonos is often called the Greek Ibiza, but if we can push this further, this island is even better than the Spanish island. Once known as the gay fun capital, today, Mykonos welcomes every sort of crowd, whether you are straight, gay or bi, there is something perfect for your and your friends. 


Based on healthy and simple recipes, the Greek diet is low in fat and very nutritive, while being utterly delicious. While in Mykonos, you must immerse yourself in the gourmet tradition and try some of the wheat products, like bulgur which is made from cracked whole wheat and is normally eaten with stews, salads or soups. Olives, olives and more olives. The Greek have been using olives in their cuisine for hundreds of years. Not only for the virgin olive oil, but also the golden green oil and the plump kalamata olive which is the perfect addition to healthy salads. Don't forget to taste the local ouzo, an ani seed flavoured spirit, which is the favourite drink in Greece. 


Do learn some local language. Greeks are incredibly friendly and open-minded, but it does help having a couple of words to share. Kalimera means good morning and efxaristo is thank you and locals will love you for trying.
Have cash on you. Some restaurants don't accept credit cards, so it's good for you to always have some cash or access to an ATM. 
Eat late. Like in most Mediterranean countries, Greek also dine late and go out late (i.e. nightclubs open at midnight!), so make sure to take a nap in the afternoon if you want to keep up with the local nightlife. 


Visit churches in your bikini or swimming tanks. Respect the dress code: long trousers for men and long skirts for women. 
Don't forget to pack: your camera, your sunglasses, bathing suit and sun cream. Anything else you can find in Mykonos. 
Drinking is very common in Mykonos and the rest of Greece, but public displays of drunkenness are disapproved by the locals and they might call the authorities if you get annoying or violent.
Don't drink tap water. Due to the lack of rainfall, most Greek islands are not water-sufficient so they carry water for laundry and bathing in the tank, but this is not good for consumption, just stick to bottled water to be safe. 

Best time to go

Most tourists explore Athens, the Agean Sea, the islands and the rest of Greece during summer, from June to August and if you are in the party mood that should also be your choice. However, you need to book your charter in Mykonos now since those months are considered peak season and they get really busy, really quickly.  On the other hand, if you are more interested in a quiet, crowd-less Mykonos sailing holiday, then you may opt to book one of our many charters, skippered or bareboat options on any of the other months. May and September have great weather and a relaxed atmosphere while from December to March can be very cold, but nothing can beat having entire places completely for yourself, not having to queues for attractions or restaurants. Like Santorini, Mykonos is truly moving to be an all year around destination

Best way to go

Mykonos has its own airport so travelling by air from outside Greece isn't too complicated. There are also good ferry connections with the other Cycladic islands, as well as with Piraeus Athens and from Rafina. From there, with the super fast catamarans, you can reach Mykonos within a few hours. Whether you prefer to board your own charter in Mykonos or any other islands, there is no argument that the best way to truly explore Mykonos is by boat. 

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