We spoke with Paolo, one of our operators who work in Spain, Italy and France. Read his suggestions below to plan your perfect trip in this beautiful country!

We know that you work in different countries in the Mediterranean Sea, which is the best period to visit each one?

For all the 3, April-October.

Some people are concerned Spain Italy and France are full of tourists, but it’s also true what with a boat one can escape the crowds… What are the islands that are stunning, however, are less visited?

It is more than a problem of “where”, it is a problem of “when”. For those who do not like crowds, they should avoid going during July 15 to August 20 and avoid the most famous and popular places (for example in Sardinia, is better a route in the south than in the north-east).

What winds blow in Spain, Italy, and France?

Spain and Italy, north-west and south-east; France, north-west and south-west.

Which are the typical dishes that we have the opportunity to eat, during a cruise in Spain, Italy, and France?

Several and different kinds of Mediterranean cuisine are available along the coasts. Here, there have been many influences over the centuries, certainly from the sea, but also inland as well.

Apart from Ibiza and Formentera, that are famous for their nightlife, which other islands offer a great nightlife in Spain?

Ibiza, Palma, Barcelona,

And in France, how is the nightlife? Or is it not the best place for 20 - 30-year-olds?

You can find various things to do in the Riviera and Corsica

What about Italy? What can you tell us about that destination?

You can find many things to do in all of Italy. On the west side, Sardinia and Sicily are a little bit more expensive than on the east side, but the east coast of Italy is not of great interest for cruising.

Is it possible to rent a boat without skipper in in these places? If yes, what are the rules to be respected?

If you are very experienced, there are no problems; unlike the less experienced would better ask a skipper/trainer for 1 or 2 days, in this time the client can learn all the operations of the boat, become familiar with the use, the skipper will also explain to him how local meteorology works, where to find out in case of bad weather and can help you find the locations with the most beautiful places to visit!

Tell us a Spanish, French and Italian traditions not many people know of:

Spain: Daily life (especially along coasts) is moved forward by at least 4 hours, nobody moves before noon, nobody goes to sleep before 3 or 4 am.
France: In Corsica the inhabitants speak a dialect very similar to Sardinian, in the south and up to Genovese, in the north. All surnames are also of Italian origin.
Italy: In south of Sardinia there is a small island where the inhabitants speak the Ligurian dialect and cook typical dishes of the Liguria.

If someone has a week to spend there, what itinerary do you suggest for a family and for a couple?

I always recommend short itineraries, with many places to visit and many islands and coves to shrink in case of bad weather. For example Ibiza / Formentera, French Riviera, Bonifacio Channel between Sardinia and Corsica, the area of Naples with Ischia, and Capri with the Amalfi Riviera, etc.

What is the best itinerary for a group of young people looking to party?


And last but not least, what is the perfect sailing adventure for very active/sporty people?

Bonifacio Channel, an itinerary between Corsica and Sardinia, they can find everything here: wind, regattas, interesting itineraries, different traditions and cultures, pristine nature, worldliness and all within a radius of only 30 miles!

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