We spoke with Sebastian, one of our operators, that works in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
Read below his suggestions to plan your perfect trip, in the north of Europe!

You work in different locations: Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, which is the best period to visit them?

The sailing season is from May to the end of September, but you can find nice hideouts in the archipelago offseason as well.

If someone has a week to spend there what itinerary do you suggest for a family and for a couple?

I would suggest a trip out to the spectacular Finnish Archipelago OR alternatively maybe a cruise between Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, St Petersburg, and the provincial capital of the Åland Islands, Mariehamn. If the wind allows you can do 5 capitals in a week! There are thousands of islands in the Archipelago and there is an island for everyone. I would also suggest maybe the Åland Archipelago. As a whole, it is special and worth a visit as it stands out with its bedrock configurations and solitude.

What is the best itinerary for a group of young people looking to party?

Join in on one of our sail races, the social aspect is unbeaten and you get a chance to rest your body on the racing course in between. We can also tailor a trip that would take us past all the waterholes around the Northern Baltic - the whole region gets crazy during summer because of the long winters.

What is the perfect sailing adventure for very active/sporty people?

I would suggest some of our racing events, Gotland Runt, Helsinki Tallinn Race, or Suursaari Race. They will get your adrenaline pumping for sure!

When is the perfect time to see the Aurora Borealis? And what itinerary would you recommend?

Haha - everyone wants to see the Aurora Borealis, but it usually occurs in the north and pretty much out of our range with a yacht. Try a sled safari or go visit Santa later in the year and you will get a fair chance to see them.

In your opinion which is the best country for a vacation, among these 3 destinations?

For a sailing holiday definitely Finland. It has the most spectacular and unspoilt nature and grounds for a longer holiday. The diversity of things you can do is far greater than other Nordic countries. That said, Estonia offers an amazing opportunity to see all the culture in this area and the culinary scene in Sweden is unbeaten. They all have their sides and they all are worth a visit!

Which are the typical dishes that we have to eat during a cruise in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia?

These countries offer most of the international cuisine can offer, but when you move around the islands it would be a shame not to try some smoked salmon, dark bread, new potatoes, and thick butter. Typical Nordic dishes are smoked fish, rye bread, fresh potatoes, and thick butter and mushroom stew are usually served together with cold beer and a snap!

What is the best dress code to sail?

You can not wear common sense, but it should be a guideline for you when you travel up north how to dress. For a sailing adventure, you need everything from swimming trunks to foul weather gear. Evenings are casual smart.

Is it possible to rent a boat without skipper in in these places? What are the rules to be respected?

You can do that, but it will get a whole more complicated and as we offer only the skippered alternative I won't delve further into the matter.

Tell us a tradition of Baltic Sea area not many people know of:

The Baltic Sea is a cruising ground still to be discovered by the sailing community. One of the reasons is probably the distance to sail here - that's why it's good to rent a boat instead of taking your own. The area in itself offers everything from untouched nature to medieval cities to a fantastic culinary scene. It's diverse and welcoming!

What do they have in common Sweden, Finland and Estonia?

The appreciation of summer. The whole area rises from hibernation in the spring and offers a grand variety of activities in the summer months!

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