Stefano chews numbers every day and helps us ensure Nowboat runs smoothly, by night though he focuses on this greatest passion: cooking!

What brought you all the way to Nowboat?

Mutual friendship and respect for Giulia and Giovanni.

Your favourite part of the day?

Early morning.

What do you do exactly for Nowboat? Explain your discipline, like we were 2 years old!

I'm Warning Studio Comunicazione CEO and Founder, the technological dept of Nowboat. Recently I am supporting financial activities in partnership with Giovanni and Filippo.

When you are not working you…

Warning Studio absorbs the rest of everyday.

If you could afford ANY of our trips which one would you take, with whom and why?

Maldives...relax, snorkelling, diving, wellness. Naturally me and my wife Daniela...we deserve it!

Your 2017 resolutions are:

Clear objectives, efficiency and improvement of professionalism and revenues.

The last time you cried:

Watching a movie...Collateral Beauty

A book everyone should read, and why.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers (author Paolo Giordano) - a deep meditation around the prejudices of society, freedom and social exclusion, respect.

Tell us about the place you live in:

I live in Verbania. I love this little town, its people, the lake and the mountains. There is always something to do!

Your most rewarding moment with Nowboat:

I'm happy to see growth and evolution, every day.

If you had to give up pasta or pizza which one would it be?


If you had to give up movies or tv series which one would it be?

I hate horror movies. I watch movies and do not watch TV series, except those my wife follows, such as Grey's Anatomy.

If you had to give up one of your colleagues who would it be?

I love Nowboat's staff, all of them.

The worst Christmas present you got:

...absolutely socks or ties!

Do you have a dog? A cat? What’s his name?

I have a chihuahua named Minnie! ("It's so bad that it is beautiful!" Cit.)

If you could be any animal which one would you want to be? eagle!

A quote that describes your philosophy of life:

There is only one happiness in this life - to love and to be loved.

An easy to cook recipe we should try:

Tuna with roasted pine nuts and turmeric sauce.

A place you visited you think everyone should see:

1. Stonehenge, England
2. Cozumel, Mexico
3. Assisi, Italy

Tell us a secret, nobody’s reading!

I'm in love with my daughters Lara and Bianca!

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