Calm down, we get it. Really, we do. Here at nowboat, we know that for parents, family holidays is not just about wonderful destinations, but also about price, healthy food, fun and easy reach. But have you ever thought about a cruising holiday? Travelling by boat is the best way to spend quality time with your family, where everyone can get involved and thanks to the peculiar settings right in the middle of the sea, it creates the perfect environment to bring everyone close day after day. We also know that each family is different and that's why we asked all the parents at Nowboat's team to disclose their children's favourite cruising destinations and the best cruises for families

New Zealand

Best cruises for families with teenagers 

Home to extreme sports and wild adventures, cruising in New Zealand is a dream come true not only for your children but also for intrepid parents like you (try not to scream louder than your kids when bungy-jumping!). Seriously though, in New Zealand there are all sorts of expeditions you might imagine and your teenagers will go nuts over the black water rafting, surfing and canyon swinging. 


Best Cruise for babies, toddlers, five to eights and tweens (and grandparents!)

Fiji is still relatively untouched by massive tourism thanks to the lack of big resorts and developed tourism. Despite being a popular destination, it is still one of the best cruises for babieslarge families and small children and the beaches are safe for small kids, grannies and grandpas.


Best cruise for tweens and teenagers

The hustle and bustle of Hanoi's streets are probably not the best for your babies and toddlers, but your tweens and teenagers are going to love the lively scenes, the mild to spicy food and the views of Halong Bay, Nha Trang and Quãng Ninh. Like many other Asian countries, Vietnam also has an important lesson for your most grown-ups kids coming both from recent history and in terms of poverty and different cultures.    


Best cruise for multi-generational family (grandparents included)

Bali. Do we need to add anything else? Let's just say that cruising in Bali is one of the experiences that your entire family is going to remember forever. And ever. White and calm beaches on the east coast and Gilis for your toddlers, beginner waves for your surfing teenagers in Canggu and Uluwatu and relaxing sunset cocktails in Kuta for the grandparents. Anything missing?  

The Maldives

Best cruise for babies and toddlers

Nope, it's not just for honeymooning couples. Cruising in the Maldives is great also for your tiny humans and yeah, why don't get your summer nannies, erm...grandparents on board too?

California, US

Best cruise for tweens and teens 

Maybe you were not thinking about the US as a summer family destination, but have you thought about California? Oh hello summer shirts, skateboards, surf and wow-sunsets! Cali is one of the best cruises for families with tweens where they can enjoy the American life while also being immersed in nature and loads of fun activities. 

Phuket, Thailand

Best cruise for toddlers, five to eights and tweens

Thailand as a whole is a perfect family destination, but cruising in Phuket, in particular, offers that perfect mix for your toddlers, young kids and tweens to keep them entertained for a week or two. Outstanding beaches, rich marine life and cheap, delicious, healthy food, what else do they need? 


Best cruise for big, multi-generational families

Cruising in Greece is an incredible experience at any age and there you can choose to spend time with your teenagers on the busy islands of Santorini and Mykonos, but also decide to chill with your babies or toddlers in some of the most remote areas like wild Corfu, the unexplored Halkidiki peninsula or unrevealed Rhodes. While you are there, showing a bit of ancient Greece to your family by visiting the ruins of Athens is another educational, but also a fun experience to include in your itinerary. 


Best cruise for big, multi-generational families

Italy is all about families and the "old family feeling" around the table (for hours we might add). For this, but also for the relatively lower prices, wonderful sights, history and traditions, is one of the best cruises for big families where you won't feel odd or out of place: Italians have big families too! Cruising along its stunning coastline or islands, you can rest assured that your kids will feel at ease while finding plenty of friends and maybe an extra 5 or 6 Italian grannies. Your children are also going to love your cruising holiday in Italy, firstly because the Italian bambini stay up late at night and secondly because they are always looking for new mates to play and build sand castles with. Oh, did I hear somebody saying pizza

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