Here at nowboat, we believe there’s no better way to see the world than sailing - but I guess we’re a little biased! We’re on a mission to get more and more people sailing each year, and so far, it seems to be going well. Talking with local operators all over the world, we discovered that many nowboat clients are first-time sailors, and after their first experience they fall in love with the freedom of life at sea.

At the same time, we often talk with people that would love to go sailing, but are somehow afraid - the usual concerns cited are high prices, and fear of getting seasick. Well, let us tell you - on nowboat we have experiences for all tastes and pockets, including amazing Croatia cruises for under $500! And in terms of seasickness, there are loads of destinations with good weather, fair winds and calm seas - just 

If you’re still not sure, we’ve come up with 10 reasons to go sailing this year - trust us, after reading this you’ll be convinced!


10 Reasons to go Sailing? Here they are!

1) Escape the crowds

Overtourism is a growing concern, increasing the rift between travelers and locals, and turning dream experiences into living nightmares. Every summer, places like the Greek Islands are packed to the gills, and there’s no escaping selfie sticks and obnoxious tourists. Guess what - sailing is the best way to escape all this! Chartering a yacht makes it easier to access secluded beaches, hidden coves, and even secret islands - and you’ll usually have the opportunity to stay in stunning places after the day trippers are gone.

2) Spoil yourself

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience, why not charter a mega yacht with jacuzzi, helipads, jet skis and other toys to enjoy?

Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, sailing is a great way to enjoy a little luxury - for example, many local operators can arrange for you to have an onboard chef or hostess, making sure everything is always in tip-top shape and you can enjoy delicious meals!

3) Enjoy stunning landscapes

There’s no way around this - the world is just more beautiful, when you look at it from sea. Imagine falling asleep under an endless starry sky, and waking up with the sun rising from the ocean, and a whitewashed Greek village visible in the distance - while sailing, this will be your day to day life!

4) Access to local knowledge

How about having a local friend anywhere you go to? The kind of friend that always know where to find the best street food, the best beaches, and sunsets - that’s what local operators are all about! Eager to share their local knowledge, to ensure you’ll have the best time ever!

5) Ideal for adventures

Sailing is a great way to have easy access to amazing adventures! Let’s take diving for example - a liveaboard cruise is a wonderful way to do as much diving as possible, traveling by boat from one dive site to another and storing your bulky equipment between dives. Yet, liveaboards are not just for diving - you can book a surf or kitesurf cruise, or even expeditions involving hiking or climbing!

6) Once in a lifetime encounters

Have you always dreamed to see dolphins? Or to swim with turtles or even whale sharks? Most encounters with marine wildlife happen in the open sea, away from crowded beaches. At sea, every day is different - you never know who you might meet!

7) Ultimate romantic experience

Sailing is a wonderful way to celebrate a honeymoon, an anniversary or simply enjoy an unforgettable getaway with your significant other. Upon request, local operators can add extra touches or plan romantic experiences, like a couple massage or sunset drinks and nibbles. After all, is there anything more romantic than being alone with your loved one, away from it all?

8) Relax body and mind

On the same note, being at sea is one of the most relaxing things ever. Away from the traffic and rush of daily life, surrounded by nothing besides beauty and nature - if you’re looking for a way to forget troubles at work, or just forget the ‘city mindset’ for a few days, sailing is a great idea.

If well-being is on your mind, on nowboat you’ll find lots of health-focused cruises and sailing experiences, with activities like yoga, meditation and wellness treatments!

9) Or arrange your own party boat

What if you’re looking for something completely different - like a holiday dedicated to fun and nightlife? Sailing is just ideal - in places like Hvar (Croatia) all the best clubs are located on beaches, and having your own private yacht is a great (and stylish) way to get there. An alternative would be renting a yacht for a few hours or days and create your own ‘floating party’ - Mykonos is a great place for a party boat!

10) Protect the marine environment

Last but definitely not least, when sailing with nowboat you’ll be contributing first hand to protecting the sea, the wonderful environment that makes all these adventures possible. Nowboat donates 3.5 per cent of profits to support over 60 projects of marine NGO from all over the world. If you want to contribute more, you could also consider reserving a spot on one of our conservation-based expeditions, helping researchers gather data while visiting offbeat locations and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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